Download 1.5B Classic

Friends, we want to give you a taste of the amazing gameplay found in Star Fleet II: Krellan Commander. To that end, we’ve made the last publicly-available version, 1.5B — which came out in 1991 — available for you to download.

To run this you’ll need a copy of DOSBox, which runs on a variety of systems. We recommend you run the game in windowed mode in order to read the manuals for the tutorials and such as you play. You can run DOSBox in a specifically-sized window from launch by changing your settings file. For example here are my relevant settings:


You can also hit ALT-Enter while in full-screen mode to go to Windowed mode by default.

This version still has copy protection, but all the codes have been put into a single PDF for ease of use. Please keep in mind this version still has bugs, and is missing features that will be found in 2.0 (or even the versions us playtesters currently have access to).

With that in mind, we invite you to download the game and try it out for yourself. It has all the depth and detail that has made it one of the most deep and satisfying space games ever.